Urban Adamah & COVID-19 Updates…

CIT Teen Leadership Program

Due to COVID-19, we will not be running our summer component of the CIT program. Our CIT program has been modified, learn more below. 

Though the current reality will not allow us to be together this summer, we hope some our favorite camp songs camp songs will bring you a smile and sense of sweetness!

Join a select group of rising 7 – 9 graders to participate in our newly reimagined CIT program: the Teen Leadership Institute. The CIT journey – community building, educator training, mindfulness practice, farming, and leadership development – includes two overnight weekend retreats in the spring and fall at the farm, and a three-week or a six-week stint as a CIT at Camp Urban Adamah this upcoming summer.

CIT Program Components:

During the retreats, you will…

upcoming retreat dates

Opening Spring 2020 Retreat
May 1
 – 3

The 2020 CIT cohort will begin the weekend of May 1 – 3, with an overnight retreat at the community residence on the farm. At the first retreat the CIT’s will learn about their summer responsibilities, build community with their fellow CITs, and create lasting projects for the farm. If you are interested in joining the 2020 cohort please contact, Liliana Jacobs.

The retreat fee covers all expenses for the weekend: room, board, and all program costs.

Fall Wrap-Up Retreat
November 20 
–  22

We will gather back together on the farm for a closing weekend retreat. This will be an opportunity to reflect, connect with community, and further develop the leadership skills cultivated on the spring retreat and at camp during the summer.

The retreat fee covers all expenses for the weekend: room, board, and all program costs.

summer 2020 session

We know that one of the most meaningful aspects of camp is connecting and forming friendships with your peers, counselors, and campers. This summer, CITs will be part of 3-week long cohorts that focus on team building and leadership development. CITs will begin their day mentoring and playing with campers in their kvutzah, small group. Each afternoon CITs will have special time as a group (without kids), and will be taught and mentored by the CIT director. They will develop the skills to: work with campers in a Jewish outdoor and experiential setting, incorporate games and music in their daily lives, and lead campers in farming (plants and animals) activities. CITs will also develop the confidence to lead programs on their own.

Summer 2020 CIT Dates

July 13 – 31
Pre-Camp Zoom Retreat

Price: $75

Total due at registration: $375



August 3 – 21
Fall Retreat on the Farm

Price: $295

Total due at registration: $375

View application process below. 

Application Process

Mature and responsible teens are encouraged to apply online. Those interested in becoming a CIT  must complete an application and submit a written reference by March 1. All applicants will have a mandatory interview with CIT Director, Liliana Jacobs