Ariela Ronay-Jinich

Education Director

Hi I’m Ariela! I grew up in Mexico City and have joyfully made my professional way in life as a Jewish environmental and experiential educator since 2005. My passion for living on the Earth as a Jew has been nurtured by years of personal study and work in the community. After completing my B.A. in Education Studies from Brown University, I spent a year in Israel learning Torah and other texts relevant to ecology and earth-based Judaism. After working for the Teva Learning Center as a Jewish environmental educator, I settled in the Bay Area and took on diverse educational projects, including Camp Tawonga, Chochmat HaLev’s religious school, and Gan Shalom Preschool in Berkeley. I am the program founder of “B’Hootz,” Wilderness Torah’s year-round children’s program, and served as Education Director for Edah in Berkeley.  I completed the Kevah Teaching Fellowship, the Torah Trek Guides program, am a Rockwood Alumn, and 2015 recipient of the Helen Diller Family Award for Excellence in Jewish Education. At Urban Adamah since 2013, I’ve dedicated my time making sure we provide the best environment for holistic learning grounded in community values through our youth and family programs, as well as through our educational vision at large.  I also love supporting teachers and educational leaders as we increase our capacity for vibrant, nature-based learning in the Jewish world and beyond.