Urban Adamah & COVID-19 Updates…

Spring Break Sample Week


4:00    Arrival

4:15     Welcome

4:45     Dibart/Shamati: Why Are You Here?

5:30     Site & Meal Orientation

6:30     Dinner

8:15      The Big Picture: Jewish cycles of time &
             earth connection (Learning Session)

9:15      Hang out


7:30     Avodat Lev* (morning spiritual practice)

8:15      Breakfast

9:15      Meet the Farmers & Farming**

1:15       Lunch and Break

3:00     Is Industrial Farming Kosher?: A look at the
             industrial food system & crafting our own food
             ethic (Learning Session)

5:00     Dinner Prep / Free Time

6:30     Dinner

7:45     Privilege & Oppression 101 (Learning Session)

9:15      Hang out


7:30     Avodat Lev*

8:15      Breakfast

9:15      Farm Stand Harvest & Running the Free Food
             Farm Stand

1:15       Lunch & Break

3:00     Farming**

5:00     Dinner Prep / Free Time

6:30     Dinner

7:45     Herbal Medicine Making (Learning Session)

9:15      Hang out


7:30     Avodat Lev* / Yoga

8:15      Breakfast

9:15      Farm Field Trip: Volunteer at partner Food Justice
             organizations in the East Bay

12:15     Lunch & Break

2:00     Farming**

3:45     Dinner Prep / Free Time

5:00     Trip to Indian Rock

6:30     Dinner

7:45     Participant lead shabbat preparation

9:30     Hang out


7:30     Avodat Lev* / Qi Gong

8:15      Breakfast

9:00    Shabbat Homesteading: Making Challah,
             candles, & more! (Learning Session)

12:15     Lunch & Break

2:00     Hike & Mikva (ritual immersion) in
             preparation for Shabbat

4:00     Free Time, Dinner Prep for Shabbat

6:45     Kabbalat Shabbat with Urban Adamah

7:30     Dinner & Shabbat Festivities


9:00     Avodat Lev*

9:45     Breakfast

10:45   Shmita: Shabbat for the Earth
              & a Radical Sabbatical (Learning Session)

2:00    Kiddush & Lunch Back at Farm

3:00    Free Time

6:00    Dinner Prep

7:30     Dinner

8:30    Fire-building 101

9:00    Havdalah, Campfire, Offerings with Fellows,
             Stories around the fire


8:00    Avodat Lev

9:15      Breakfast, Clean-Up & Pack Up,
             Bagged Lunch to-go

10:00   Closing Circle/Program Wrap-Up

11:00    Departure 

*Avodat Lev (Service of the Heart)

“Avodat Lev” is an Urban Adamah morning practice that integrates mindfulness, body practices (movement, yoga, meditation, etc.) and Jewish prayer / singing in a highly accessible way for people of all backgrounds.

**Farm Projects

Farm Projects include the basics of urban organic farm life – composting and soil amendment, plant propagation, harvest, animal husbandry, and food cultures – and other exciting projects including building with natural materials such as cob. All farm work benefits our weekly free farm stand for people in need.  Farm projects may also include learning skills to prepare or process food, such as cheese-making, bread-making, or cooking with fire.