The 2022 Fellowship Is Now Live!


“The fellowship is life-changing, life-affirming, and life-growing. Building community with others who were committed to creating a more just world through personal change and collective action, was, quite simply, beautiful.”

— Molly Schulman —
Summer 2018

The Program

The commitment made by fellows is participation in all classes, farm work hours, Avodat Lev, listening circles, and house meetings. The Fellowship programming is rigorous and our days are very full. 

Our classes will take place both inside and outside, and at various times of day between 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Lunch breaks are one and a half hours each day, and there are one to two nights off per week which allows for scheduling doctor appointments, therapy appointments, and beyond. We expect that fellows will not miss programming for personal appointments. 

During most classes, folks are seated on seats and cushions on the floor, or on chairs. It is a flexible learning environment, and movement is welcome as needed. Many of our classes include handouts. We are happy to provide handouts with larger / more accessible fonts as needed, or to provide digital copies.

Communal Living

Fellows live in a shared community residence right on the farm. Living communally is a rich opportunity to develop communication skills, appreciate differences, and resolve conflicts. The Urban Adamah staff supports this process through community-building exercises, regular meetings, and other practices. Mutual trust and honest communication are cornerstones of the community.


The community house is strictly vegetarian. No meat of any kind is allowed. Urban Adamah provides a food budget sufficient to purchase food for the season. Food shopping responsibilities and cooking, as well as all household duties, are shared among fellows.

Jewish Observance

At Urban Adamah we practice a creative and expansive approach to Jewish tradition. Fellows are invited to develop new, relevant, and deeply personal connections to our Tradition.

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and experiences of Jewish practice. For some fellows, Urban Adamah is their first exposure to Jewish tradition. Others have been part of Jewish educational settings and communities their entire lives.

Please note that we do play musical instruments during Shabbat and holiday programming, as part of the program.


We understand that our fellows have diverse needs. Though we are limited by our space, staff, and financial capacities to accommodate all needs, we are happy to work through creative solutions together. 

The information on this page is specific to the fellowship program. Read more here about general accessibility information on the farm. 


  • We do not provide transportation on a day-to-day basis – the expectation is for fellows to transport themselves by car, bike, or foot for grocery shopping, internships, and exploring the Bay Area and beyond!
  • When we go on off-site farm tours or hikes as a program, Urban Adamah will coordinate rides.


  • Fellows sleep in rooms on the second and third floors of the house. The house is not equipped with an elevator. There are 15 steps up to the second floor, and an additional 15 steps up to the third floor. There is some storage on the first floor of the fellows’ house. 
  • There will be ground-floor accessible rooms available on a case-by-case basis.
  • Urban Adamah does not currently have a scent-free policy. We use all-natural soaps, some of which contain essential oils. 
  • We are not able to provide interpretation for the entire duration of the fellowship program, though we are able to arrange it for larger events and gatherings when requested. 
  • FM assistive listening devices are available for programs. 
  • Our pathways are lined with lights. Our outdoor lighting is intentionally not bright to maintain an evening / nighttime ambiance after sunset.