The 2022 Fellowship Is Now Live!

FELLOWSHIP Program Schedule

How we spend our Days

Avodat Lev (Service of the Heart)

5 hours per week

Avodat Lev brings us together for meditation, movement, chanting, art and creative sharing every morning at 7:00 AM. Meditation is guided and structured, but is mostly silent. Chanting consists of short phrases from the Shacharit service (the traditional morning liturgy). Avodat Lev is designed to open our hearts to ourselves, each other, our community and the world. It is led by Urban Adamah staff, alumni, outside educators, and fellows.

Avodat Sadeh (Service of the Field)

15 – 22 hours per week

Avodat Sadeh is work on the Urban Adamah Farm. Farm work includes a variety of tasks including but not limited to: seeding, transplanting, weeding, bed preparation, harvesting, composting, animal husbandry (chickens, goats, bees, and worms), pest management, setting up for events and general site maintenance. It is physical work. The farming curriculum covers multiple aspects of urban agriculture including crop selection, farm design, permaculture, and methods of preserving the harvest. Learn more about the Urban Agriculture component of the fellowship here


8 – 10 hours per week

Once a week, fellows are placed at partner organizations to be in service. Internships allow fellows to show up in a sustained way to support organizations working on food insecurity and nutrition, garden education, and community empowerment in a variety of ways. Fellows learn about allyship and solidarity, garden education and / or food production, community building, and so much more.

Limmud (Learning)

6 – 7 hours per week

While every aspect of the Urban Adamah curriculum invites learning, the program offers specific and more structured workshop / learning time around the core contents areas of the program: Mindfulness, Jewish Tradition / Earth-Based Judaism, Social Justice, and Urban Agriculture. Classes are taught by Urban Adamah faculty and guest lecturers.

Leadership Training

2 – 3 hours per week

Urban Adamah is a leadership-training program. Our leadership curriculum guides fellows through structured learning sessions that teach a variety of skills including active listening, presence, conflict resolution, meeting facilitation, coaching, group processing, non-violent communication, and more. Many of these sessions involve openly sharing feelings and experiences in a group setting. These activities are an essential component of the Urban Adamah Fellowship.

Avodat Makom (Service of Place)

Up to 3 hours per week

In addition to assuming leadership on the farm, fellows also support the functioning of Urban Adamah’s campus and programs in key ways. This includes up to three hours per week of time in site operations (sweeping paths, landscaping, etc.) and public program support, which gives fellows the opportunity to integrate into all of the ways Urban Adamah operates and serves the community.

Urban Adamah Sample Week

6:30 – 7:15
7:30 – 8:30
8:30 – 9:00