The 2022 Fellowship Is Now Live!


East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest

EBABZ is an annual festival for writers, artists, makers, and everyone who creates or appreciates zines and alternative books. Urban Adamah is excited to be presenting work from our fellowship alumni at this years zine fest!

This Is Not A Paperclip: A Zine For Creativity

This zine is inspired by a game I used to play with my students.

  1. Look at the paperclip
  2. Use your imagination to see what else it could be!
  3. Draw it and write down what it is instead
  4. Start seeing creative uses for all things, ideas and beyond in everyday life

Purchase This Is Not A Paperclip: A Zine For Creativity and other zines and books by Meg Adler here.

The Barnacle Goose: PLAGUES

How do you bless that which doesn’t quite exist?

For guidance, we turned to the barnacle-goose, a whimsical creature we found in the tangles of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian folklore. This composite creature is somehow rooted, swimming, and soaring all at once. 

Some medieval rabbis argued over whether such a bird, rumored to emerge from barnacles, could be considered kosher. Did the barnacle-goose require ritual slaughter? Or could it just be eaten and blessed, like any other fruit of the tree? 

Order the Barnacle Goose: PLAGUES here.

Centuries later, we still wonder how the impossible and the imagined can nourish us. Amidst inherited systems of racialized oppression, planetary exhaustion, pandemics, and rampant state violence, we are starved for revolutionary sustenance. Consider The Barnacle Goose an experiment in Radical Jewish Literature: defying boundaries without abandoning our histories.

This magazine was conceived in the weeks preceding Passover and gestated in the womb of quarantine. Even before its birth, we knew its name: PLAGUES. Against the depletions of isolation, we dreamt of what creative forces might emerge through collaboration, notwithstanding our collective panic and fear.

Anyway, what’s the point of doing anything alone? In this issue, our contributors call out from their particular geographic and psychic landscapes. They chant spells to bridge potentiality and actuality, grief and eros, rage and delight, in the heart of this global crisis.

Kleinian Theory: Hand Bound & Made Art Book On Heartbreak

This 8.5″ x 8.5″ hand-bound, art book on heartbreak, filling yourself back up, self love, and all the emotions in between. Poems and illustrations come to together to tell one narrative of moving through heartache. I hope it helps you in all the ways it helped me to make.

You may purchase the art book and other prints through Etsy for $15 and shipping here. For sliding scale and other prints, please DM me on instagram and we can discuss an art trade, different price, and unlisted prints not on Etsy. 

Queerness & Hope: An Anthology Compiled


This queer hope zine is a co-created anthology first born 6 years ago. Equal parts comic strips, queer theory / affect theory / theory on hope, collages, drawings, poetry, reflections on being gay and alive and hoping, reflections on being gay and alive and not hoping. Let it gut you let it thrill you let it give you permission to hope a little.

To order please email for further instructions 🙂
Sliding scale $8-$20.

Prostrations Handbook

Prostrations is a deep dive into  the practice of prostration in the Jewish tradition through a feminist lens. The first of its kind, Prostrations is a guide that roots personal reflections in the spiritual wisdom of Jewish scripture. This work uniquely merges scholarship and the artistic practice of poetics.

Prostrations is a labor of love and devotion. Because of this, it is currently being offered at a sliding scale. By supporting Prostrations, you are supporting feminist Mizrahi Jewish scholarship at the grassroots level.

To receive a copy, please fill out this form.

Sliding Scale $18 – $108