“This Fellowship changed my life. It gave me the tools to better understand myself, to make change in the world, and to create the life I want to live. ”

Becca Kagan, Summer 2016

The Urban Adamah Fellowship is a three-month residential leadership program for adults ages 21 – 35 that integrates urban organic farming, mindfulness practice, social action training, and progressive Jewish learning and living. Fellows live, learn, and work on our urban farm campus. We accept up to 14 individuals per fellowship season, each summer and fall.

Now in its tenth year, the Urban Adamah Fellowship has graduated over 300 young adults who have gone on to work in the fields of environmental education and policy, sustainable agriculture, community organizing, Jewish education, politics, social entrepreneurship, and more.

Prior experience

You do not need to have specific prior experience in any of the four content areas of the fellowship: farming, mindfulness practice, social action work, or Jewish practice. We seek candidates who are passionate about engaging whole-heartedly in the internal (mind, heart, and body) and external (farming is physical) work of this experience. Those who thrive in the fellowship arrive ready to go deep, be vulnerable, contribute to the community, and ask sometimes difficult questions about who and how they want to be in the world.


If this sounds like you, join us!

What will I learn?

Urban Agriculture

Plant propagation, harvesting, cultivating healthy soil, irrigation, vermicomposting, pest management, aquaponics, tending bees, goats and chickens, tool use and care, cheese making, herbal medicine, and much more! You will leave with the skills and confidence to create and manage your own garden.

Social Action & Leadership

Unpacking how privilege and power operate in our lives and the world; showing up as an ally for food justice organizations; learning tools for effective communication across difference (NVC); exploring how to step into your full power and be a force for love in the world; Building intentional community around shared visions.

Jewish Living & Learning

How Jewish tradition can add depth, meaning, and joy to your life; how to make 2,000 year old rituals, texts, and values meaningful and relevant; how to build conscious jewish community; how to develop a Jewish spiritual practice that is infused  by mindfulness and earth-connection.

Mindfulness Training

To slow down and notice; to bravely go where your ego may be afraid to journey; to develop the muscle of mindfulness in a loving and supportive community; to integrate mindful awareness into your daily life and become more fully present; to develop clarity of vision for your life.


Training for a Lifetime

2020 Fellowship Dates

Summer: June 15 – August 20
Fall: August 31 – November 12

Application Deadlines


First Round: JANUARY 20
Second Round: APRIL 20
Third Round: MAY 5


First Round: MARCH 30
Second Round: JUNE 22