Urban Adamah & COVID-19 Updates…


 Looking for ways to get involved in a virtual community? Missed a virtual program? Or love it so much that you want to re-watch it? This resource guide is for various at-home gardening tips, nature based projects for the entire family, and programs that create spiritual connection, and so much more!


Grow Your Own Urban Garden

Virtual Program

Dreaming of growing your own fruits and veggies at home? If you are looking for inspiration on what to plant and how to plant, this is the virtual program for you! Click the image to access your virtual programming and view slideshow here.

Learn How to Build a Pallet Raised Bed

Urban Adamah Tutorial

Learn how to build your own Raised bed from up-cycled materials!

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Backyard Herbal Medicine

Virtual Program w. Ren Weinstock

We will explore what it means to find resilience and healing in our relationship with nature and how we might find that in our own backyards (or maybe around the block)!

Part 1: Introduction to herbalism and how to start identifying local medicinal herbs. View slideshow here. Part 2: Introduction to medicine making, using what you might have available around the house. View slideshow here.

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Taste of Fellowship : Farming from Home

Virtual Program w. Sasha Hippard

The Farm might be closed to visitors these days, but that doesn’t mean you learn some fundamentals from home! Whether you live in an apartment, house, or houseboat, you will learn skills to support growing your own food and reusing kitchen waste.

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Greywater 101

Virtual Program w. Nina Gordon-Kirsch

The water that currently exists on Earth is all the water that ever was and ever will be.  Less than 3% of this water is drinkable freshwater.  On average, every person in California sends 85 gallons of water down the drain every day. Greywater systems are one way to make the most out of this precious resource, by returning water back to the ground, rather than flushing it away to the sea.

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Bee Bright: Hanukkah Candle Making Workshop

w. Chelsea Taxman & Jessica Gonzalez of Happy Organics

 Join Community Herbalist Chelsea Taxman and Jessica Gonzalez of Happy Organics for a live workshop exploring a honeybee hive, pollinators, and how they all connect to Hanukkah and the Hebrew month of Kislev in which it falls! Follow along at home to create your own hand-dipped beeswax candles.

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Pollinator Bingo

Family Game

Can you find all of these things on our bingo sheet…

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Camp Urban Adamah CD w. Rob Jamner & Campers

Camp Urban Adamah Songs

Listen to the magic of Camp Urban Adamah with your favorite camp songs. Transform your home into the farm with Adamah v’Shamayim, Decomposition, Rob Jamner, and of course our favorite… Space Chicken!

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Family Singalong w. Anna Banana

Virtual Program w. Anna Cone

Bring your singing voice, your clapping hands, and your wiggly feet to this family friendly singing circle! Watch song leader and educator, Anna Banana, teach some fun singalongs (and dance-alongs) to brighten your day. 

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Pollinator Scavenger Find

Family Game

Learn about how plants, insects, and us, are all interconnected in community to help make our natural world a robust ecosystem!

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Avodat Lev

Virtual Program w. Chloe Zelkha

Avodat Lev (Service of the Heart) is a contemplative, creative service designed to help us connect to ourselves, each other, and to that which connects us all.

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Singing Circle for the Soul w. Anna Cone

Virtual Program w. Anna Cone

Enjoy a community song circle that will leave your soul renewed and restored. Immerse yourself in an evening where all you have to think about is the song of the moment! Our facilitator, musician and former Urban Adamah fellow Anna Cone, will guide beautiful melodies that both returning and new participants will love.

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Avodat Lev

Virtual Program w. Maya Elise

Avodat Lev (Service of the Heart) is a contemplative, creative service designed to help us connect to ourselves, each other, and to that which connects us all.

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Avodat Lev

Virtual Program w. Becca Heisler

Avodat Lev (Service of the Heart) is a contemplative, creative service designed to help us connect to ourselves, each other, and to that which connects us all.

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Covid Grief Network

Community Resource

The COVID Grief Network is an international mutual aid initiative that offers free short-term one-to-one and group grief support and builds long-term community for young adults in their 20’s and 30’s who are grieving the illness or death of someone to COVID-19. 

If you or someone you know would benefit from free grief support, please consider reaching out to the COVID Grief Network here. If you are a therapist, chaplain, spiritual director, grief counselor, facilitator, life coach, mindfulness practitioner, or healer and want to volunteer with the Network, please apply here. For more info about the Network, visit their website, send them an email, or message / follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


San Quentin Letter Writing Project

Community Project

Join Urban Adamah in community and solidarity with San Quentin State Prison’s Jewish community. Letter writing can support this community during a time of increased isolation for San Quentin prisoners due to COVID-19 precautions. 

Click the image to access the guidelines.

Jews On Ohlone Land

Community Information

Jews On Ohlone Land activates our Jewish communities in solidarity with Indigenous sovereignty. The heart of Jews On Ohlone Land is organizing, educating and advocating to maximize Jewish participation in the Shuumi Land Tax throughout the East Bay. Together, we are exploring how we as Jews can live in right relationship to this land, its ancestors and the Indigenous people and communities who live here now.

Click the image to learn more about the Shuumi Land Tax and contribute today!

An Acorn on the Seder Plate

Community Information

This Seder supplement was made by Rabbi Dev for the community. Place an Acorn on the Seder Plate, as a way to bring to our seders our practices of acknowledging our presence on Indigenous land, and Indigenous solidarity.

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Introduction to the Sunrise Movement

Climate & Racial Justice Virtual Program

Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.  Since 2017, Sunrise has mobilized young people and inspired thousands to take action. Sunrise is prioritizing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests and the Black Community during this time. We will be speaking about environmental justice and racism, specifically within the climate change movement and the Bay Area.

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Race: What Our Kids Understand & How We Talk About It

Dr. Allison Briscoe-Smith talks about how to address race with our children during these particularly challenging times. We will review the science behind children’s understanding and refine tools for engaging in conversation. This program is intended for all parents, guardians, and educators who work with and raise kids of all ages.

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Practicing Teshuva as Jews on Ohlone Land

Community Learn

Join us for an interactive workshop to learn about the work of Sogorea Te’ Land Trust and how we as Jews can support Indigenous leadership in the Bay Area. We will explore how the practice of Teshuvah can inspire action for restorative justice and rematriation.

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Re-Imagining the Sukkah

Housing Justice Guest Panel

This program will explore how Sukkot and the sukkah, a temporary shelter built for the holiday, can inform our understanding of the housing crisis in the Bay Area. Our panelists will delve into the contexts and factors which led us to our current housing crisis and the impact of a global pandemic on the continued fight for accessibility to housing. We will discuss how the practice of building a temporary shelter for ancestral, religious, and natural connection may serve as an opportunity for reflection, leaning, and action toward the houseless crisis in our home communities.

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Beyond Giving Thanks: Reckoning w. Reparations

As Jewish settlers living on stolen Indigenous land, we must continuously interrogate the impact of our presence here. How can we divest from colonial relationships of domination and develop righteous relations as guests on this land? Join us for a session where we dive into some of these histories and (re)imagine the opportunities for repair. 

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Tochecha: Speaking Truth to Power & Organizing For Climate Justice

Community organizing is a craft. In Torah, and in the contemporary struggle for climate justice, strategic confrontations with decision makers catalyze whirlwind moments where what seemed impossible yesterday may soon come to pass. How do we create these whirlwind moments to win big and lasting changes? By looking at case studies from the Sunrise Movement and Torah, we will draw out organizing principles behind dramatic moments of confrontation that changed the balance of power.

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Urban Adamah Passover Supplement & Recipes

Community Resource

We have crafted a uniquely Urban Adamah Haggadah Supplement. This supplement draws connection between the pandemic, land, resilience, and Passover. We offer mindfulness practices, land acknowledgement, discussion questions, and Pesach recipes from our farm to your Seder table.

Click the image to access supplement. 

Kabbalat Shabbat

Virtual Program w. Wilderness Torah

Center your heart, clear your mind, and celebrate Shabbat with a virtual service led by Urban Adamah and Wilderness Torah. Join us for song, poetry, meditation, and prayer to lift our spirits as we step into our day of rest.

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Integral Kabbalah for the Days of Awe

Virtual Program: Class 1: Keter – Oneness ‘Shofar Chant’

Join Reb Brian Yosef for learning, singing and meditation on ten essential prayer chants from our musical High Holiday services through the lens of Kabbalah. All are welcome, and especially good for anyone wanting a deeper connection to the Days of Awe this year. Each workshop will explore a core High Holiday chant for both personal and global transformation.

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Queer Shabbat Supplement Guide 2020

Community Resource

This resource was created in partnership between OneTable and Eli Gale and Ren Weinstock to help create intentional spaces for both queerness and Jewishness to come together over the rituals of Shabbat.

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Yemenite Songs for Simchat Torah

Enjoy this introductory exploration of Jewish Yemenite song culture. Learn about the history and culture of Yemenite Jews. Then sing Yemenite songs together in celebration of Simchat Torah!

Download the song sheet here and click the image to access your virtual programming.

Shmita: An Introduction to the Year of Un-Farming

What is the biblical understanding of farming and how do the stories of Genesis map onto the history and implications of the agricultural revolution? What is the Shmita year and how does it relate to a wider blueprint that our tradition offers us to build a more just and equitable food system?

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Making a Local Lulav? Wrestling w. Place-Based Ritual in Diaspora

Have you ever thought about where the plants that make up your lulav come from, or considered the environmental, ethical, or historical aspects of ‘traditional’ lulavim? Join us for a conversation and creative practice around making your own lulav — collecting the traditional four species where you are, gathering representative native plants, or imagining new possibilities for the lulav. Together we will explore what it means to practice place-based Jewish ritual in diaspora. All levels of plant knowledge welcome!

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Bless the Rain, Ecology & Prayer

Water flows freely & abundantly from most of our faucets. It’s easy to take this essential gift for granted. Even with huge water systems in place in California, we still rely on the rain just as our ancestors did thousands of years ago. In this workshop, we will learn about rain prayers as a foundational Sukkot practice and explore the importance of rain for the ecosystem and for our taps. We will weave ancient Jewish prayer for rain at this time with core questions like: What’s a watershed?  Where does our water come from? Where does rain go after it falls? Join us to honor the rain.

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Sukkah & Mishkan: Sacred Lodge in Jewish Tradition

Encounter the meaning of four sacred directions in the sanctuary traditions of Judaism. Explore the altar, menorah, wisdom stone and table of radical welcome as a ritual pathway to liberated self and community. Create a fire and bread altar as a site to welcome spiritual ancestors.

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Shmita: What Will We Eat in the Seventh Year?

Online Program

Shmita is not the foundation of Jewish agricultural ethics, it is its culmination. What are the structures which our ancestors put in place in order to implement agricultural and economic remission without harming vulnerable community members? By delving into the wisdom of our ancestors we can be more informed in how to build systems of just economics that celebrate abundance rather than fear scarcity.

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Shmita: Debt Cancellation – A Biblical Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Online Program

According to the Torah, every seven years, creditors must forgive the outstanding balance on all debts owed to them, a practice called shmitat k’safim. Today, church groups are buying and cancelling hundreds of millions of dollars of overdue medical debts, and various plans to cancel student debt are being promoted by hard-pressed students and hard-nosed economists alike. 


Debt is a moral issue, a policy issue, and even a religious issue. This session will explore the values behind credit in Jewish sources and in contemporary policy debates. We will unpack the personal and social values implicit in lending and borrowing, tracing ideas from Jewish sources through to contemporary debates.

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Take a journey into the past with us! Find out what Urban Adamah was up to last year July 2019 – March 2020. Watch the slideshows span from our Camp Urban Adamah, to our Fall Fellowship, to our High Holidays and Sukkot Farm Festival. See the seasons change before your eyes as well as the farm’s infrastructure, the harvest, and the community who make Urban Adamah so special.

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July – September 2019

September – December 2019

December 2019 – March 2020