Dates: June 10 – 26

This summer, Camp Urban Adamah is offering two-weeks of Sprouts, a camp specially designed for children entering pre-k through kindergarten (at least three years old and potty-trained). Sprouts campers enjoy their day exploring our working organic farm and learning how to be great farm helpers to the crops, animals, and each other. With Jewish teachings and stories guiding their experience, Sprouts introduces young children to Judaism’s deep connections to the natural world and their place in it.   

We rely on an experienced and talented group of Camp Urban Adamah counselors to create loving, inspiring, memorable, and transformative experiences for children. Our counselors ensure that children of different ages can have wonderful experiences both as part of a large group, and in smaller age-based groups.



  • Group Leader: Counselors are responsible for leading a kvutzah, or group, of up to 12 children during the camp day (9:00 AM – 3:00 PM), along with another counselor and usually a teenage intern, depending on group size and needs .  Counselors set the tone of the group through team-building games, fun beginning-of-day and end-of-day rituals, listening circles, and more. Counselors are responsible for setting and upholding standards of safety and respect within the group and for communicating behavioral or programmatic concerns to the camp directors in a timely manner.

  • Program / Activity Leader: Counselors also facilitate activities throughout the camp day – sometimes for their own group and sometimes for other groups. Camp activities are derived from skills that counselors bring with them from prior teaching experience, as well as from activities that will be shared and taught during Camp Staff training and throughout the summer. We aim for sensory-rich, play-based, and developmentally appropriate activities, such as planting, mud-building, bug-investigating, as well as creative projects involving the arts, music, and drama. 

  • Other Responsibilities: Camp Urban Adamah has a small staff. Counselors will be asked to support Camp in other ways as needed. This may include song-leading, facilitation of camp-wide opening and closing circle, theatrical performances, and storytelling. Counselors, along with all camp staff, are responsible for daily clean-up and set-up.  Young children may also need help changing their clothes and using the bathroom (no diaper-changing). We appreciate an overall spirit of flexibility and enthusiasm!

  • Safety: All camp staff ensure that camp is a safe environment for children. Staff make sure that all children are accounted for and within the delineated premises from drop-off to pick-up time. Staff keep a birds-eye-view of potential hazards around the farm, help children use tools safely, and are available to administer basic first aid. Staff also support emergency protocols and procedures. 


The ideal candidate will have experience working with young children ages 3 – 5 in an educational, Jewish, and/or outdoor setting and have experience leading sensory-rich activities. Music, art, drama, and movement are all great talents to bring to this position. Generally, we want teammates who are kind, enthusiastic, good listeners, willing to try new things, generous, willing to be silly, flexible, creative, caring, and able to maintain a positive team attitude throughout a full work day. Jewish background / knowledge is not necessary, rather a desire to explore and share Jewish environmental wisdom and spirituality.



Staff Training & Camp Set-Up: June 10 – 12 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Camp Sessions: June 15 – 26 | Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Friday 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

The camp day is from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM followed, which includes the camper hours (8:30 AM – 3:00 PM) and set-up, clean-up, and daily debrief and prep time. Staff all have a 40-minute mid-day break and 15-minute break after campers leave. On Fridays, staff will be expected to work until 5:30 PM to help prepare the site for weekend programs.


Counselors are supervised by the Camp Urban Adamah Director & Assistant Camp Director.


$1,670 – $1,830 for the Summer 2020 season, depending on experience.


 Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Please complete the online application below. You will be asked to upload a copy of your resume stating why you are interested in this position and how your experience relates to the job responsibilities described above.