Camp Music Specialist

Dates:  June 10th–28th, 2019 ,  July 8th–August 23rd, 2019

This summer, Camp Urban Adamah is offering six weeks of programming for children entering first through fifth grade (Main Camp) that feature hands-on projects and activities exploring themes that integrate nature-connection, farm-to-food-making, crafts, sustainability, community-building, and Jewish values.

The Music Specialist engages campers in an interactive and enthusiastic daily song session for campers of multiple ages. The Music Specialist leads campers in songs related to Jewish eco-mitzvot, mindfulness, and environmental justice.


Song Session

The Music Specialist leads a daily song session for all of camp for 30 minutes. During Sprouts, the Music Specialist will lead all 40 campers ages 3-5, in one group. During Main Camp the Music Specialist will lead 65 campers entering 1st-5th grade, in one group as well. Song sessions are fun and dynamic and should include songs that encourage and provide dancing and movement. Song sessions should include Urban Adamah-themed music around mindfulness, Jewish eco-mitzvot, and environmental justice.  We offer Music Specialists a Camp Urban Adamah songbook with chords, lyrics, and teaching recommendations for each song. Camp Urban Adamah also has hand-held instruments and rhythm sticks, and the Music Specialist is expected to create an environment that invites and encourages campers to use them and participate in music-making.

Preparation (Sprouts & Main Camp)

The Music Specialist will work with the Camp Director to determine which songs will be the focus of group music time for each session. The Music Specialist will come prepared to teach these songs. Camp Urban Adamah has large song sheets for campers to follow along and will work with the Music Specialist to create any new song sheets required.


Every Friday we close camp with a Shabbat celebration for campers and families. The Music Specialist works with the Camp Director to lead a dynamic, engaging, and interactive mini Shabbat ritual that includes the brachot, blessings, and regular camp songs.

Staff Training

The Music Specialist should be prepared to lead one hour of training during both Sprouts and Main Camp orientations. Dates and time can be flexible to meet the Music Specialist’s schedule (June 5th-7th and July 2nd-5th). This is an opportunity to teach new songs to staff members, set expectations amongst staff, and create a positive energy and connection between camp staff and the Music Specialist.


The Music Specialist should have experience leading engaging, dynamic, and participatory music time for large groups of multi-aged kids ranging from ages 3-10. The Music Specialist should be energetic and compassionate and have creative techniques for engaging campers of all needs. The Music Specialist should be comfortable facilitating and being in front of a large group. The ideal candidate comes with experience leading Jewish music, though it is not required.


Sprouts Camp Sessions

(Monday-Thursday 12:30-1:00pm; Friday 12:40-1:00pm & 2:30-3:00pm)

June 10th-28th, 2019


(Monday-Thursday 12:50-1:30pm; Friday 1:00-1:30pm & 2:30-3:00pm)

July 8th-12th, 2019 | July 15th-26th, 2019

August 5th-16th, 2019 | August 19th-23rd, 2019



Counselors are supervised by the Camp Urban Adamah Director and Assistant Director.


Hourly rate depending on experience. Music session will be considered a full hour and include session time of 30-40 mins/day and prep time of 20-30 minutes each day. Paid biweekly. This is a temporary seasonal position that conforms to the legal requirements of such positions; as such it is not bound by overtime pay requirements and does not include any benefits.


You will be asked to upload a copy of your resume and cover letter stating why you are interested in this position and how your experience relates to the job responsibilities described above, and your requested hourly rate. Application deadline is April 15, 2019.