Jewish Farm Educator &
Group Programs Coordinator

Start Date: March 26th, 2019

The Urban Adamah Youth and Family Educator and Group Programs Coordinator (YFE) will be responsible for manifesting the mission of Urban Adamah in a variety of education and administrative roles.  These include serving as an educator in our programs for youth, families and young adults, leading our CIT teen program, providing some coordination support to such programs, and maintaining our children’s garden. As the lead educator, the YFE is responsible for integrating Urban Adamah’s core content areas – Jewish tradition, mindfulness, sustainable agriculture, and social action – and inquiry- and farm-based activities, programs, and lessons.



Serve in a teaching role in community programs throughout the year including group programs, field trips, and family programs. The YFE will lead, implement, and create curriculum to fit the needs of each program.

Community Educators and Program Assessment

The YFE is responsible for supporting the Youth and Family Programs Manager in recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and supervising community educators for all Youth and Family programs as well as assessing program quality against Urban Adamah’s pedagogical goals.

Year-Round Retreat Programs 

Urban Adamah is creating a year round retreat center to provide immersive programs to Jewish and possibly non-Jewish groups of youth and / or families (as well as adults). The YFE will work with the Youth and Family Programs team to create content, themes, and activities for retreats, and will serve on the staff of youth and family retreats. In 2019, this will include at least two retreats for Counselors in Training (CITs) at Camp Urban Adamah and possibly others. Beginning in the fall of 2020, Urban Adamah will be hosting an increasing number of youth and family retreats.

Camp Urban Adamah

The YFE plays a large role in the success of Camp Urban Adamah as the CIT Director and Shomrei Adamah coordinator. As the CIT Director, the YFE will lead a cohort of 10-15 teens in outdoor leadership development in accordance with our camp pedagogy. As the Shomrei Adamah coordinator, the YFE is responsible for training camp staff on how to lead specific farm and inquiry-based learning and activities. The YFE will assess the quality of Shomrei Adamah activities, and provide as needed ongoing mentoring and additional training during camp staff meetings.

Program Content, Logistics, and Coordination

Put together curriculum and plans for our group programs, family programs, and school groups. Provide logistical and administrative support for youth and family programs, including such tasks as outreach to schools and teachers, procuring materials, maintaining program schedules, maintaining records. The YFE will work with our subsidized field trip coordinator to ensure the success of our programs for underserved public school students.

Farm Projects

The YFE is responsible for ensuring there are projects and activities available on the farm / site that meet the learning needs of youth and family programs. This includes staying abreast of farm activities and needs, coordinating with the farm and site teams , and exercising creativity in developing and implementing hands-on activities on the farm for various groups.

Children’s Garden Maintenance

In addition to its main growing and programming areas, UA has a dedicated children’s garden space including annual vegetables, perennial fruiting vines and trees, and native pollinator attractors. This person will be responsible for maintaining the annuals garden, supporting the Farm and Site Teams in maintaining perennial and native plants and garden hardscape, and participating in the development of new garden features.

Spring Camp 2019

The YFE will participate in our camp staff orientation led by the Camp Director and current YFE, and will continue as a camp educator (counselor) for the week of Spring Camp (April 1st-5th).


This is a full-time, 40-hour per week position that often necessitates working some evenings, Sundays, weekend retreats, or Jewish holidays (all included in the 40-hour work week). In cases when the individual is asked to work outside of normal business hours, time off during the regular work week is scheduled to ensure that the work week is kept to 40 hours.


This position begins full-time on Tuesday, March 26th.



The YFE must align with the mission of Urban Adamah and its core content areas: Jewish tradition, sustainable agriculture, mindfulness, and social action. The YFE must have experience leading educational programming for a wide variety of ages ranging from 3-18. The YFE should have experience working in the field of experiential Jewish and/or garden education, and should have strong and proven facilitation, teaching, and administrative skills. The YFE should have experience creating innovative hands-on programming for youth. The YFE should have strong vegetable gardening knowledge. The YFE must feel comfortable leading high energy activities for groups of 40 children, project an energetic and engaging presence, and take genuine joy in working outside with children and families.  The YFE must be emotionally mature, an excellent communicator, and highly organized.


A degree or other significant training in education; experience and training specifically in the field of Jewish Outdoor, Food, and Environmental Education; familiarity with Jewish tradition and ability to meaningfully integrate Jewish tradition into garden-based experiential education; and skills working in other modalities (e.g.,  arts, crafts, movement based activities, drama, etc).


You will be asked to upload a copy of your resume and cover letter stating why you are interested in this position and how your experience relates to the job responsibilities described above. Application deadline is February 4, 2019.