Urban Adamah & COVID-19 Updates…

Guest Policy

The main goal of the Urban Adamah Guest Policy is to protect and ensure the health of each fellow who dwells in the house. The Urban Adamah Guest Policy addresses the issue of having a guest stay for an amount of time that house members find disagreeable but difficult to negotiate with each other, which may cause tension and conflict within the house. This policy is also designed to prevent a guest from becoming a resident, since they are not formally part of the Urban Adamah Fellowship.

Temporary Visitors Only
Only Urban Adamah Fellows are allowed to reside in Beit Adamah. No one outside of the Urban Adamah Fellowship is allowed to pay rent or take up residence in an Urban Adamah house. Guests are not allowed to receive mail at an Urban Adamah residence.

Length of Stay
Fellows may determine the maximum number of days that a guest can stay. However, this number of days may not exceed three days (two nights) at a time and these periods must be separated by a period of at least three weeks. This maximum time period applies to each individual guest and is not based on who they are “staying with.”

Who Is a Guest
Fellows must be in agreement on which guests may stay, and for what length of time. If there is a guest in the house who makes others feel unsafe, the guest should be asked to leave by the fellow who invited them.

House Rules
Guests must abide by house rules as determined by members of the household, and as required by the lease. Urban Adamah fellows are required to explain these rules to their guest(s).

Fellows must inform guests of Urban Adamah’s illegal drug and responsible alcohol use policy.

Guest may eat food purchased and prepared by the community according to guidelines established by the community.

The fellow inviting a guest into the house will be responsible if that guest damages or steals personal property. If a guest damages Urban Adamah property, or does anything that incurs expenses for Urban Adamah, the fellow who invited them in is responsible for payment of damages. If an invited guest incurs expenses for Urban Adamah but no fellow claims responsibility, the entire household will be held responsible.